Welcome to my web site!

I am an associate professor of Psychological and Organization Science at UNC Charlotte.  My research interests include how professional and social virtual communities function and are experienced as “communities” to their members, how feelings of groupy-ness develop online and the social processes and technological features contribute to these feelings, and understanding the role of identity in groups and organizations for employee health and group functioning.

I head up the Virtual Identity, Community, and Entitativity (V.I.C.E) Research Lab composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in organization Science, psychology, sociology and human-computer interactions.  Indeed, we are the V.I.C.E squad!!

Feel free to hang out on this site and leave a comment or two.  I’m interested in seeing how this site can grow and evolve.  If  you are interested in my research lab, please  go  here.

And finally, although I would LOVE to be best friends with our former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, I am not THAT Dr. Anita Blanchard.


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