Welcome to my web site!

I am an associate professor of Psychological and Organization Science at UNC Charlotte.  My research interests include people identify online and face-to-face groups and communities and the individual, group, and organizational outcomes of belonging to these groups and communities.

I head up the Virtual Identity, Community, and Entitativity (V.I.C.E) Research Lab . We are composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in organization Science, psychology, sociology and human-computer interactions.  Indeed, we are the V.I.C.E squad!!

Feel free to hang out on this site and leave a comment or two.  I’m interested in seeing how this site can grow and evolve.  If  you are interested in my research lab, please  go  here.

And finally, although I would LOVE to be best friends with our former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, I am not THAT Dr. Anita Blanchard.


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