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Call for Papers 

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Special Issue on Sustainability 

Avi Ostfeld, George McMahon, Helene Hilger, Cristiane Surbeck

The ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (JWRPM) is soliciting papers for a Special Issue on Sustainability, intended to provide in-depth discussion of sustainability concepts, measures, theory, policy and practice related to water and environmental systems. The Special Issue will constitute in some respects a sequel to the 1997 ASCE Task Committee report on Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Challenges of sustainability
  • Defining sustainability
  • Scientific, social and information theories of sustainability
  • Inter and intra generational equity
  • Carrying capacity, techno-metabolism and economy-environment interactions
  • System dynamics and sustainability decision support tools (models)
  • Technological substitution and limits of technology
  • Quantitative and qualitative measures of sustainability
  • Sustainability criteria (economic, ecological, institutional, social)
  • Sustainability and resiliency
  • Sustainability in education
  • Sustainable policy formulation and assessment
  • Principles, guidelines and criteria for integrated water resource planning
  • Institutional frameworks and financial mechanisms for sustainable water resource development and adaptive management
  • Sustainability in practice – metrics, case studies, lessons learned

Please submit manuscripts electronically to the journal  [] by May 2, 2014, with a cover letter designating the paper for the Special Issue on Sustainability.

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