Cognitive Science/Neuroscience Links

Cognitive Science at UNCC

Cognitive Science Program

Undergraduate Cognitive Science Minor

Graduate Certificate Program in Cognitive Science

Brain Atlases

Harvard Whole Brain Atlas

Online Version of Cold Springs Harbor iPad App: 3D Brain

Pinky & The Brain: Humor

Interesting TED Video Lectures

Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions? (Dan Ariely’s TED Talk)

The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory (Daniel Kahneman’s TED Talk)

Blue Brain Project (Henry Markram’s TED Talk on a large-scale model of the brain)

Looking Inside the Brain (Christopher deCharms’ TED talk)

Consciousnes and the Brain (Antonio Damasio’s TED talk)

Building a Computer that Works Like the Brain (Kwabena Boahen’s TED talk)

Mapping the Brain (Allan Jones’ TED talk)

Facial Expressions in Robots (Cynthia Breazeal’s TED talk)

A Headset for Reading Brainwaves (Tan Le’s TED talk)

Google’s Driverless Car (Sebastian Thrun’s TED talk)

 Society Websites

Cognitive Science Society

Cognitive Neuroscience Society