Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie is an Earth Science Masters degree student. She earned her BSc Meteorology from NC State and started at UNC Charlotte in Spring 2016. Her research evaluates whether satellite microwave remote sensing can be used to derive lightning patterns. Specifically, Stephanie has about 7 years of National Lightning Detection Network data and SSM/I microwave data and is focusing in on the Southeastern USA to test the hypothesis that NLDN and SSM/I are related. This involves programming and data ingestion, figure generation, and testing the overall skill of the methods in producing realistic lightning patterns. This has broad implications in weather and fire science research, but is also a very interesting technical problem to tackle.

Stephanie has been partly funded throughout her tenure at UNC Charlotte, and after a lot of hard work learning about the data sets and python programming, she earned a NC Space Grant fellowship for $6k in Summer 2017 to really accelerate her path to graduation. I was excited because we got to work on research together during the summer when I am not teaching! She is on track to defend her research in early Spring 2018, and presents at the annual AMS meeting in January 2018, both at the full conference and the student conference.