Statistics and Data Analysis in Earth Sciences (ESCI 4000/ESCI 5000)

New class for Spring 2019. It will be a “Topics” course in Spring 2019. Here’s the blurb and more details once I work my way through it with the students!

ESCI 4000/5000 Topics in Earth Sciences: Statistics and Data Analysis in Earth Sciences
TR 10-11:15 in the Meteorology Computer Lab
Recommended prereqs: STAT 1222 or MATH 1242
Summary: Statistics are a way of summarizing complex quantitative metrics and bulk observations about the world around us. They are at once qualitative and quantitative, objective and subjective, but without a doubt, the applications are endless. Statistical thinking and methods are certainly applicable in every subdiscipline of the Earth sciences. In this course, we will use environmental data sets to discuss how to calculate statistics and interpret the results. We will examine topics that include descriptive and exploratory statistics, univariate and multivariate statistics, and data modeling. We will develop our toolbox via standard computer applications such as Excel, Matlab, or Python.