Welcome to the website for the seventh annual North Carolina Photochemistry Symposium (NC Photochem). This year’s event will be a two day virtual event held on October 8th and 9th, 2020. As in previous years, the symposium will encompass topics in all areas of photochemistry, from natural to artificial systems.

The goals of this symposium are,

  • To foster new connections and collaborations among the photochemistry researchers at NCSU, UNC Charlotte, UNC Chapel Hill, and other local/regional institutions.
  • To broadly strengthen the photochemical sciences in North Carolina focusing especially on early career investigators.
  • To provide students and researchers the opportunities to present their work in a smaller collaborative environment.


Registration and abstract submission for the symposium will be open thru October 1st., 2020.

NC Photochem 2020 Schedule

NC Photochem 2020 Invited Speakers


Virtual Poster Session and Prizes!

Student “elevator-pitch” poster presentations will be posted asynchronous from the event and will be available for viewing by registered attendees before and during the event using Flipgrid. (Flipgrid is a website that allows users to post short videos for viewing). Presenters will have 3-minutes to present their research with power point slides.

Awards will be given to student poster presenters (one for an undergraduate student, three for graduate students, and one “people’s choice award.”

Presentation prizes are being sponsored this year by Chemical Physics Review. ($100 Amazon e-gift cards) Thank you CPR and AIP!

NC Photochem 2020 Abstract Booklet

NC Photochem 2020 Poster Talk Award Winners! Congrats!

Undergraduate Award: Zaneta Zhin – UNC Charlotte – “Synthesis and Characterization of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Porphyrin Conjugates for Photodynamic Therapy”

Graduate Student award: Bethany M. Stratakes – UNC Chapel Hill – “An Iridium Molecular Photoelectrocatalyst for H2 Evolution at an Electrochemical “Underpotential”

Graduate Student award: Corey Martin – USC – “Electronic Properties and Photophysics of Photochromic Frameworks”

Graduate Student award: Morgan Chandler – UNC Charlotte – “From blight to bright: Detecting single point mutations with fluorescent nucleic acid biosensors”

People’s Choice Award: Mo Yang – NC State University – “Highly Efficient Photochemical Upconversion Using a Zr(IV) Sensitizer”

We look forward to seeing you online in October!

Michael Walter (UNC Charlotte) –

Elena Jakubikova (NC State) –

Mike Hambourger (App State) –

Jillian Dempsey (UNC Chapel Hill) –

Alex Miller (UNC Chapel Hill) –

Aaron K. Vannucci (USC) –

Natalia Shustova (USC) –

Scott Geyer (Wake Forest) –

Phil Castellano (NC State) –