Schedule (NC Photochem 2013)

9:00 am Arrival, poster set-up, coffee
9:50 am Welcoming remarks
10:00 am Interfacial Control of Electron Transfer and Exciton Dynamics in Colloidal Quantum Dots
Marcus Jones (UNC Charlotte)
10:20 am Synthetic Efforts for Controlling the Energetics and Lifetimes of Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer Excited States
Walter Weare (NC State University)
10:40 am New Methods for the Time-resolved study of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reaction Pathways
Jillian Dempsey (UNC Chapel Hill)
11:00 am Poster presentations 1 (group one)
12:20 pm Lunch – A box lunch will be provided on site for attendees.
1:40 pm Exciton Diffusion in Porphyrin Thin Films
Michael Walter (UNC Charlotte)
2:00 pm The Synthesis of Carbohydrate-Bacteriochlorin Conjugates (CBCs) for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy
Nicole Synder (Davidson College)
2:20 pm Sulfur Functional Groups as Reporting Elements for Fluorescent Sensor Development
Nathaniel Finney (NC State University)
2:40 pm Poster presentations 2 (group two)
4:30 pm Cobaloxime Surface Immobilization for the Electroreduction of Water
Michael Hambourger (Appalachian State University)
4:50 pm Protein Structural Dynamics Probed with FRET, Benefits and Challenges
Yuri Nesmelov (UNC Chalotte)
5:10 pm Flux Synthesis of Mixed-Metal Oxides and Understanding Their Role in Solar Energy Conversion
Paul Maggard (NC State University)
5:30 pm Closing remarks and poster awards
5:50 pm Business meeting