Schedule (NC Photochem 2015)

9:00 am Arrival, poster set-up, breakfast and coffee
9:50 am Welcoming remarks
Talks – Session 1
10:00 am Christopher Bejger (UNCC)
Designing Photoactive Intercluster Compounds and Dual Cluster Frameworks
10:20 am Hui Wang (USC)
Plasmonic Hot Electron Driven Photoreactions: New Insights Gained from Plasmon-Enhanced Spectroscopic Studies
10:40 am Alice Haddy (UNCG)
Using Fluoride to Explore the Chloride Requirement for Water Oxidation and Electron Transfer During Photosynthesis
Posters – Session 1
11:10 am Poster presentations 1 (group one) – 1h 10 min for posters, can run into lunch
12:20 pm Lunch – A box lunch will be provided on site for attendees.
Talks – Session 2
1:20 pm Elena Jakubikova (NCSU)
Toward Controlling Intersystem Crossing in Fe(II)-polypyridine Complexes
1:40 pm Alex Miller (UNC)
Photohydrides: Integrating Visible Light Absorption and Hydrogen Evolution
2:00 pm Tom Schmedake (UNCC)
Photochemistry of Polypyridylsilicon(IV) Complexes
Posters – Session 2
2:30 pm Poster presentations 2 (group 2) and coffee – 1h 30 min for posters
Talks – Session 3
4:00 pm Natalia Shustova (USC)
Energy Transfer in Well-Defined Hybrid Scaffolds
4:20 pm James Cahoon (UNC)
Architectural Nanomaterials: Designing the Morphology of Semiconductors for Solar Energy
4:40 pm Student talk #1: Gaurav Singh (UNCC)
Multi-Pulse Fluorescence Spectroscopy
4:50 pm Student talk #2: Jonathan Boltersdorf (NCSU)
Synthesis and Optical Properties of Tantalate-Based Photocatalysts
Closing remarks and poster awards
5:20 pm Business meeting